Perch mania

Get your 6,7 or 8 rod and a di3 or di5 sinking line. (of course it depends on where you fish, sometimes a di7 could be good, but remember the big perch do not always stay deep in the winter. Sometimes the opposite is the case and you can find the big ones on really shallow water like 2 meter, mostly with deeper water nearby) I prefer the Airflo Sixth Sense series to have a good feeling about the (bottom) structure + I can feel everything and give a pull fast when I feel a strike (non stretch on these lines). As a leader Fluorocarbon 20lb 40/00 with the length of 2,5 meter and together with an EP streamer between 7-12cm, you can go for it. I want to have quite a big hook and a long streamer so smaller perch cannot get the hook / streamer so you can focus a little bit more on the bigger ones. When you have found the groups, its time for action, like i had last week with 2 sessions where in total more than 75 perch (it could be even more than 100 I stop counting) were caught on fly. A lot of fun!

Check this – tigerbass! – 8 stripes, very unique.


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