Dyckers Seabass Weekend ’17

Dyckers Seabass Weekend 2017. Again an amazing weekend with a great group of flyfishers. This time at another place. After 7 years at the Maasvlakte the 2017 edition was held in Zeeland, where we have fished at the Oosterschelde & Westerschelde. Totally different from the Maasvlakte but really beautiful. The purpose of the weekend was to search new areas to (fly)fish for seabass. And although it was not easy to catch a sea bass, we managed to get 61 bass. The biggest was 63cm and some lost a real big one. Lots of potential in this area!

Many thanks to our sponsors: Loop & Hooked.

Although there was not a real competition this year we had some prices to give and the group decided to give them to the biggest on the fly. Thats why we have this year the first Belgian winner and a German guy on the 2nd place. Well done!

  1. Simon Desmet
  2. Moritz Thomas
  3. Rob Dings
  4. William de Jong

Total Seabass on the fly: 61. Biggest: 63 cm. (57 cm on fly)  Other species: Pollack