Pike on the Fly.

You can say it is something ‘Dutchy’. As you probably know there are not real mountains in the Netherlands. Thats why it is sometimes called the lowlands. So no small streams, etc. When we started flyfishing many many years ago, it was not the trout or salmon which we were after. It was rudd, roach and yes the pike. Nowadays so 25 years ago. And although we have traveled to many countries for flyfishing for trout, tarpon, bonefish, seatrout, bluefin tuna and much more, there is always pike. In our backyard. And we love them, 700teeth!

Dyckers made this movie together with Loop during the winter of 2016/17.

Pike Land from LOOP Media – Sweden on Vimeo.

Dyckers made this movie season 2014/15.

Pike on the fly from Brian Elward on Vimeo.

In the blog section you can find many articles about our way of flyfishing for pike. Almost all in the Netherlands. When we travel, we travel for other kind of species. In our opinion we have such variety of flyfishing for pike in our own country it is definitely not necessary to search them elsewhere and in fact we think we have one of the biggest pikes of the world. It has been a search and it will be a search always, with new innovations, new ways of thinking, but it has been succesfull, on small waters and big, hereby some gear and other info we like to share.

Some big pikes on the fly from Dyckers Team and clients.


Aftma 7, 8 or 9: small and medium water type / medium flies
Aftma 9, 10 or 11: big water type / large flies / big pikes

Used Rods by Team Dyckers: Loop Cross SW 9ft #8, Loop Cross SW 9ft #9, Loop Cross S1 10ft #8, Loop Cross S1 Flatsman 9ft #10, Loop Cross S1 Flatsman 9ft #11, Loop Q rods 9ft #8, Loop Q 9ft 9 & Loop Q 9ft #10. We have designed these interesting prices great rods for Loop (price 299 euro life time guarantee)

Not really important for pike, but we use this equipment also for saltwater and carp on the fly, so these reels have to be good. Although for instance the Loop Q 7-9 or 8-11 will do his job definitely!

Used Reels by Team Dyckers: Loop Q reels, Loop Opti Runner (8,9 and 10), Loop Opti Speedrunner(8-11), Loop Opti Strike(8-11)

Important. For deep water, we use Loop lines these days. For pike we use different flylines from floating to fast sinking. In the polder, canals and not to deep lakes the floating lines will be perfect. For deeper water we mostly usesinking lines, to have the best contact with your streamer and to set the hook.

Depth 0 – 3 meter – clear water
Floating lines: Loop Maraudar Floating & Intermediate, Loop Evotec 105 Floating & Intermediate

Depth 0 – 1,5 meter – brown water
Floating lines: Loop Maraudar Floating & Intermediate, Loop Evotec 105 Floating & Intermediate

Depth 1,5 – 3 meter brown water
Sinking lines or sinktiplines: Loop Maraudar Intermediate & sink 3

Depth 2 – 5 meter
It depends if you want to flyfish fast or slow.
Slow: Loop Maraudar sink 3
Fast: Loop Maraudar sink 7

Depth 3 – 7 meter
Loop Maraudar sink 7

Leaders & tippet
Keep it simple. Just 1,5 to 2 meter 20lb fluorocarbon with attached a steel, titanium wire or a heavy piece of fluorocarbon. (80lb or 100lb) We prefer to use fluorocarbon tippet, at least 50cm long and 80lb heavy. (Dyckers Fluorocarbon Piketrace) Always check the fluorocarbon after catching a pike. If there are bite marks on it, its time to change. But we have more than once caught more than 20 pikes on one FC tippet.

Check the website, the Roach, Kers20, and Dyckers Tiger are our favorites.