Sea Bass on the Fly.

At the bottom of this page you will find our opinion about gear to use, like rods, reels, lines, tippets and flies. For many years ago I started flyfishing fro SeaBass because I simply love the salt. And although it is almost a 2 hour drive for me to flyfish for them, from May-Oktober I went almost each week to fly fish seabass for more than 8 years. Last years a little bit less because of my little kids and lack of time. But if I can go I will go. I just love this kind of flyfishing. More info will follow soon, for the moment enjoy our movie. Cheers, Edwin Kerssies

Sea bass on the fly from Brian Elward on Vimeo.

In the blog section you can find many articles about flyfishing for seabass.

Some Sea Bass on the fly from Dyckers Team and clients.



Aftma 8 or 9: From the side in harbours and on beaches.
Aftma 9 or 10: From the boat or  bellyboat.

Used Rods by Team Dyckers: Loop Cross S1 Flatsman 9ft #8, Loop Cross SX 10ft #8, Loop Evotec Cast 9ft #9, Loop Cross S1 Flatsman 9ft #10, Loop Q series 9ft #8, Loop Q series 9ft #9 and Loop Q series 9ft #10,

Please use saltwater resistant reels! Although we flyfish with heavy leaders (20lb fluorocarbon) you need a good drag. Especially to keep the big ones away from rocks, jetties, etc. Almost all bass you fight on the reel. If you want to have a cheap reel whoch can be used good: Loop Xact 5-8 or 8-12, because these reels are almost all polyester, so no rust.

Used Reels by Team Dyckers: Loop Opti Runner (8), Loop Evotec G4 LW 7-9 (9) Loop Opti Speedrunner(10),Loop Opti Strike(9-10), Hatch 9plus(9-11).

Important. For deep water, we love the Airflo lines, because these are non stretch and you can set the hook perfect for seabass. Most used lines: intermediate and di3, but for poppers we use floating lines and when there is much current or we need to go deep we use di5 or di7 lines.

Beach, Harbours
Airflo Ridge Striper Fast Intermediate WF8-10 our favorite!
Airflo Sixth Sense di3 8-9

Boat and bellyboat
Airflo Ridge Striper Di7 WF8-10 or Airflo Sixth Sense di7 8/9, both full sinking lines.

Leaders & tippet
Keep it simple. Just 2 to 3 meter 20lb fluorocarbon, sometimes we add 30lb fc to make a breaking point. On a clean beach you can use 12-15lb tippet. The reason why we use fluorocarbon is because this will not cut that fast when there are oysters or rocks around. And for big SeaBass (5kg plus / 70cm plus) you need to block them when there are obstacles around.

It depends where you fish, but the SeaBass Set is great to use on many places, from Portugal, France to UK and of course the Netherlands. (check our sebass flyset here) But sandeels (beaches) clousers and shrimps can give good results too.