Dyckers Seabass Weekend & Dyckers Seabass Competition 2016


Dyckers Seabass Weekend & Dyckers Seabass Competition 2016. Edition 6!It was again an amazing weekend with a great group of flyfishers. From Germany, from Belgium and of course from the Netherlands this time. 36 hours flyfishing, broken lines, broken waders, tears, laughing people, new friendships, policecontrols, great food, no sleep, tired, so tired, rain, sunshine, wind, night and day.

Many many thanks to our sponsors: Loop, Patagonia, Hooked and 3Tand. Many many thanks to all hardcore flyfishers.

Lots of stories to tell and we will in the upcoming week, including a movie. For now the results of the competiton and some pics. (more pics can be seen on Dyckers facebookpage

  1. Denny Jungerman
  2. Floris Hutting
  3. Tim de Wit
  4. Simon Desmet
  5. Albert Bus

Total Seabass on the fly: 85. Biggest: 73 cm ( and at least 6 big ones being lost), 67cm, 64, 63cm. We never caught so much big ones.