Pike season ending 15/16


And than it ends. Pike Season 2015 / 2016. What a memorable season it was. Pikeflyfishing with my Spanish friends, David & Isle (new pike PR) in August, later followed by several German friends like Stephan from the famous Flyfishing Nation and in february our English friends Matthew (new pike PR) and Charlie, who all visited the Dyckers shop several times, thanks! Above all of course my Dutch & Belgian friends, from who some of them have made several posts into the blog (or on facebook / instagram), thanks mates! You know who you are.

What a season. New waters, sometimes very hard and difficult, but with….yes with new personal records and so, so &**^&*^* strong fish, who bend our Cross 11 like fishing a #3 on carp. I never could imagine that it would be possible to catch a 120plus on fly out of the bellyboat on my homeriver. But in December there she was, 127cm. Real fat and so strong, she even took some backing. Unfortunately I was alone and there was not much light left, so the pictures were shit, as you can see, than again she is in my memory. Still it is a pity, untill…

1,5 week later, again on the river, but now with Denny, Kim and Jan. Could not believe this fight. A bit smaller than my new pr, but what a lady, again…now with great pics from my mate, thanks! What a season, with many meterplus pikes, some 110plus and one over the magical 125 mark. It was great and unforgettable. Thanks to you all and cheers! Edwin











3 thoughts on “Pike season ending 15/16

  1. Robbert Zalm says:

    En zo is het. Een heel mooi seizoen ik ben nu al benieuwd naar het aankomende. Ik ga voor de 1.30. Dat moet mogelijk zijn. Hoop aankomend seizoen weer vele mooie plaatjes te bewonderen en verhalen te lezen op de Dyckers blog. Een heerlijke inspiratie bron. Top

  2. Dyckers, Pure Flyfishing says:

    Dank Robbert en zo knallen we door, daar doen we het voor en volgend seizoen ook weer wat gezamenlijke sessies inplannen. Ook van deze kant dikke chapeau voor je doorzettingsvermogen en de prachtige bakken die je hebt gevangen, welke dik verdiend zijn.

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