Salty days are the best! (part 2)

Sea Bass knocking on my door, during day, during night in my dreams. Dream on, too cold Edje. Bad, bad weather in the Netherlands. Heavy rains, storm, BFT 7 and sun in between. Should I go or not? Its still a drive of 200km. Conditions are not good, although…
Today is the only day this week I can manage to go. So I need to go. This time alone, the first 2015 Sea Bass session on the fly. Last year together with my mate Brian. Which was memorable, but with completely different weather and higher watertemperatures. I didnt expect anything, but after 2 hours of fishing there was the big hit of my ep streamer, hoppa!
As said on my FB timeline, it doesnt get much better than this, 53 cm on the fly, first bass of the 2015 season. And with a big smile I fished the shore for another couple of hours, caught two 30-40cm and than it was time to go home. Salty days are definitely the best! Cheers, Edwin

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