107cm Pike on Fly from France

Hi Edwin,
A short feedback about the EP pike streamers = They work well !! I catch lots of pikes with them since I receive the order. Here is the last real fat pike I caught last week Saturday in a lake really nearby Paris. The fish was 107cm length, and had a low weight because of a stroke on the corner of his mouth (fish gripp or a lure maybe). As you can imagine, the fight was really lovely. Finally, he is on the float tube and ready for pictures (with Iphone, so the quality is low, sorry).

Caught with the EP-Perch 17cm, Echo Ion fly rod in 9wt, Danielsson L5W 6nine and Scientist Angler Pike/Musky.

Tight lines, Thibault

3 thoughts on “107cm Pike on Fly from France

  1. Thibault says:

    Hi Edwin !

    Thanks for the publication. That was a really peaceful moment just after the release. Now I’m back to Strasbourg and the asps are very hungry for baitfish. A good summer is going on.

  2. Brian Elward says:

    Great great fish, still need to catch my first 100+cm pike. I am right now in Paris,…..hummmmm no sightseeing today?

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