2 thoughts on “Ze zijn er weer, zeebaars, yihaaaa!

  1. Jeppe Lyngsø says:

    Hey guys at Dyckers, just recently found your site and really enjoy it. Great overall design and nice blog and very nice items in the shop aswell. Just a shame its not in english, the language although some kind of mix between english, german and danish its still quite hard to grasp, but google translate helps 🙂

    Im from Denmark and couldn’t help notice all the danish products (A. Jensen etc.) and danish inspired fly patterns. Does any of you guys have any relations to Denmark or is it just a coincidence because alot of our fishing look alike at the lakes and sea?

    Lastly – nice work with the EP patterns for the pike flies, will certainly get some inspiration from them into my next ties on the vice.

    – Jeppe Lyngsø, Denmark (Mostly fly fishing for pike and some coast fishing for sea trout)

  2. Dyckers, Pure Flyfishing says:

    Thx man for the compliments! At the end of this year / beginning next year we are planning to release also an english version so stay tuned.

    About the relation Denmark / the Netherlands. As uou probably know lots of flyfishers from our country go to Denmark for flyfishing on seatrout or in the small rivers. Next to that flyfishing at he dutch sea is becomming more and more popular in the Netherlands and yes indeed the most important food for seafish are sandeels, shrimps and herring…so many patterns are lookalike.

    For pike and carp – as you probably have seen – are home made patterns which have proven very succesfull!

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