Pike Flyfishing the Dutch Polders and Channels

We do live in such a beautiful country. Especially when pike is the fish you would like to catch and you want to do it from the side. Besides the boat or bellyboat as you often see on this blog, there are many possibilities In the Netherlands to flyfish for pike from the side. in fact I have started this for many years ago when I was a child, just like many other Dutch fishermen. Of course in the lakes and old channels, or even on the big rivers, but the polders are something special. You will find these waterways only in the Netherlands and these are filled with pike. Not the real big ones, but the fishing is nice and sometimes there is a lot of action. My French friends  / customers which were the last 2 days in the Netherlands wanted to check these polders for one day. So we did and I guided them on different waters and we caught some nice fish. It was a great day and I have promised myself to post more polderaction for the upcoming years again, since i have done this kind of flyfishing so many years and still love to do.


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