Dyckers SeaBass Weekend 2015

Dyckers Seabass Weekend & Dyckers Seabass Competition 2015. What an amazing weekend with a great group of flyfishers. This is hardcore. 36 hours flyfishing, tears, crying people, laughing people, tired, so tired, rain, sunshine, wind, night and day. This is what it is all about.
Many many thanks to our sponsors: Loop, Orvis, Patagonia, Hooked, Bassexpress. Many many thanks to all hardcore flyfishers.
Lots of stories to tell and we will in the upcoming days. But for now the results of the competiton. 1. Denny Jungerman 2. Jos Michels 3. Pieter-Bas Broecks 4. Albert Bus 5. Martien de Kam
Total Seabass on the fly: 105. Biggest: 63 cm ( but at least 6 big ones being lost) other species: Cod, Seatrout, Pout, Jack Mackerel.
More to come.

Nr.1: Denny

Nr.2: Jos

Nr.3: Pieter-Bas

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