Pike on the Fly – the movie

Winter is turning into spring, the pike are spawning happy and safe in the shallows. Happy because they survived some seriously hard fishing days, seeing many Black and Purple EP streamers going by and being targeted by a small group of fanatic pike fishermen. Fishing from float tube we targeted large Pike in deep water. Fishes with heavy rods and sinking lines we brought many pike over the magic meter mark above surface. There is almost nothing like a take of a large and heavy Esox. Can’t wait for next autumn and winter. For the time being here is some of the footage we shot during the last weeks of winter. Have fun! Brian Elward – Team Dyckers

Pike on the fly from Brian Elward on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Pike on the Fly – the movie

  1. Merijn says:

    blijft een topfilm! kijk ‘m de laatste dagen geregeld nu het karperen op de vlieg afloopt en het snoekseizoen langzaam aan begint

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