Cortland Specialty Compact Sink Type 9


Available aftma at Dyckers: 9/10
Sinktype di9 (9 inch per second sinking)

Great line for pike on the fly in deep waters. Cortland’s Compact Series Sinking lines are designed to be the most versatile sinking line on the market. Rated for both fresh and saltwater and all temperature conditions, our medium stiff monofilament core and proprietary HTx coating give the line a tangle free, supple feel in cool conditions but stay slick and hard in the tropics. The 28 FT sinking head is paired with a translucent colored intermediate running line putting the angler in the ideal feeding zone but allowing for easy line management and identifying when it’s time to re-cast or shoot line. Available in type 3, 6, and 9 sink rates with dual welded loops, the Compact Sinking lines are ready for fishing small streamers to the biggest fly in your box! The versatile jacket material allows you to target anything from trout and small mouth to musky and striped bass.