Dyckers Pike & Carp on the fly set 8

495.00 375.00

We have tested these rods, in fact Loop asked us to test them before the Q rods came out. You can imagine we like these ones a lot. The Loop Q 8 rod is perfect for pike flyfishing in the polder and on channels, etc. This set is also great for flyfishing for carp and seabass, you will love it!

Including Loop Q 9ft #8, Loop Xact 5/8 reel, Loop Evotec 100 WF8 floating flyline (sinking line is optional), backing on the reel including the line and 1 x Dyckers pikestreamer , 1 x Dyckers Seabass streamer + 1 x Dyckers carpfly. Of course including tube for the rod and the great Loop lifetime guarantee.