Dyckers Sea Bass Set


If we have to be honest, these are in 95% of all cases the streamers we use for seabass in the Netherlands. 80% of all time we use the natural colours and 15% the black purple when the water is murky. Package: 10pcs. Size streamers 9-11cm. Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 size 2/0. EP Plastic Eyes 7.5mm Blue Pearl. Materials: EP Fibers White, EP Fibers Pale Olive, EP Fibers Black, EP Fibers Purple, EP Sparkle Purple, EP Sparkle Pearl, H2O SF Blend White, H2O SF Blend Grey. Flies of course can also be used on other species.

  • 4 x EP Streamer White Pale Olive
  • 3 x EP Streamer Black Purple
  • 3 x H2O Streamer SF Blend Grey White