Back on track!

The past few weeks have been heavy on my aquatic addiction, my mind wondering away from daily routine and longing for the open waters. The scarce moments that I could escape didn’t bring me that natural high that we so long for. Days went by that I didn’t feel that tug on the other end of the line. Frustration of the little fishing time I had rose and at home my counterpart was becoming…ah well you know. This weekend the odds weren’t in my favor, I almost felt like that chick from the Hunger Games only with a beard. A fishing Conchita as to say……(mind wondering again, sorry). The temps dropped like mad and that usually means tough fishing. Still I took advantage of some spare hours and headed out to the big open waters. The first mark I fished didn’t bring me any action, normally that place was always productive. The next spot was a tiny mark with only 50 meters of interesting structures. But it shows that even the smallest spots shouldn’t be overlooked. I dropped my Black EP streamer towards the deep end of a drop-off and let it sink halfway. After a few strips there was the undeniable tug of a pike followed by the heavy head thumbing that signals the start of the fight. She wasn’t that big so the fight isn’t an epic story to tell but I was freaking happy. She was in her 80’s in length but I was curious about her weight. The scale just tipped 14 pounds! I checked twice since I couldn’t believe that she was already that heavy. I admired her whilst she rested on my flippers before she went down into that dark and cold place where she came from. Thanks lady, I’m back on track! Brian

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