New: Danielsson XLW series

During this winter Danielsson Innovation has developed a new reel model.

The concept is based on request that we have got from fishermen who use our products. It’s simply a combination of proven technologies that we use in our current products, together with solutions that we used during the nineties and that we now have refined to their optimal functionality.

To those of you who used our braked reels in the nineties, its quite enough to say “large drag adjustment wheel” and they will know what we’re talking about, and to those who are uninitiated we want to say this:

XLW-series has a drag adjustmentthat is exceptionally easy to reach when you are in the most hectic situations and by its own design it’s a cinch to quickly adjust the drag to the level you want.

Moreover, the XLW series has borrowed many components from the existing L5W/H5D series, such as high-performance brake package that can be tailored to fulfil each individual fishermen’s needs. Another thing that is borrowed is the spool, which is a great advantage for those who already have such a reel and now can use that spool also to this new reel.

In short: this is a new reel with top performance and unique technology that already at the introduction is well tested and proved to be reliable as few.

And yep Dyckers has this reel in stock and can give the following introduction offer:
– Danielsson XLW 6nine: euro 449,00
– Danielsson XLW 8twelve: euro 469,00

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