EP Big Time! (thx to Enrico…)

Een uurtje geleden binnengekomen, EP bigtime, thx Enrico for the fast delivery!!
Vele nieuwe producten van Enrico en uiteraard de nodige aanvullingen:
EP Fibers: Black, Emerald Green, Green Chartreuse, Golden Olive, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Lavender, Minnow, Orange, Polar Bear, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Slate, Salmon Pink, Steel Blue, Sulphur, Tan, White, Yellow Chartreuse, Yellow.
EP 3D Fibers: Anchovy, Baitfish Belly, Blue, Brown, Eel Green, Everglades, Grey, Menhaden, Mutton Snapper, Ocean Blue, Olive, Pilchard, Sand, Tarpon Streamer.
EP Silky Fibers: Black, Bronze, Caddis Olive, Golden Olive, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan, White, Yellow.
EP Silky Fibers 3D: Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Grey, Golden Yellow, Olive, Orange, Rainbow, Reddish brown, Shrimp Pink, Squirrel Tail.
EP Streamers Brush Micro Legs: Brown, Chartreuse, Orange, Pale Olive, Purple Tan, Root Beer, tan, White.
EP Anadromus Brush: Black, Fluo Orange, Fluo Pink, Green Chartreuse, Highlander Green, Purple, Royal Blue, White.
EP Shrimp Dub Brush: Brown, Clear, Grey, Hot Orange, LT Olive, Pearl, Root Beer, Shrimp Pink.
EP Sparkle: Blue Magic, Chartreuse, Fluo Pink, Holo Silver, Pearl, Red.
EP Sparkle Brush: Chartreuse, Holo Silver, Pearl, Red Magic, Speckle Gold.
EP Hot Eyes: Black 1/8″, Black 3/16″, Black 3/32″, Black 5/32″, Silver 1/8″, Silver 3/16″, Silver 3/32″, Silver 5/32″.
EP Crab Body: Cream #1/0, Cream #2, Olive #1/0, Olive #2, Tan #1/0, Tan #2.
EP Crab/Shrimp Eyes: Amber L, Amber XL, Black L, Black XL.
EP Crustaceous Brush + Micro Legs: 3-Tone, Blue Crab, Brown, Pale Olive, Sand, Tan.
EP Crustaceous Claw: 3-Tone Large, Blue Crab Large, Brown Large, Pale Olive Large, Sand Large, Tan Large.
EP 1 Minute Epoxy, EP 30 Minutes Epoxy, EP Crab Fly Box Large, EP Saltwater Fly Box.

Binnenkort allemaal online!!

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